How Twitter is playing an important role in Charity

Charities are amazing. Non-profit organizations for the purpose of charity do a lot of wonderful work for the public. Now the question is, what is the role of social media particularly Twitter in charity? Today Twitter is playing such an incredible role in showcasing some of these charities and help them to perform incredibly well. […]

5G Technology Impact on Social Media

Social media has been changed a lot since its start till now. Social media is having its growth so fast then any other technology sector could ever have. It is changing and picking new skills constantly. In its start, social media was just a networking channel to get connected with friends or family or to […]

Why people donate to charity more in 2018?

Charitable organizations are non-profit organizations which work for the welfare of people in society. These organizations provide assistance to people in need. They donate to people of different ages and genders based on their needs. Non-profit organizations serve poor people, children, orphans and unsupported women in society. Few entrepreneurs take a step to establish these […]

The path to glory

Every great story needs a theme, every great song needs a rhythm and similarly every great journey needs a rout or a path that leads up to the destination. Whether hypothetically speaking or literally, the correct route matters a lot. The route in any journey is very important since it holds the most amount of […]

Sources to learn travel writing

It is also known as travel literature. It is a form of creative nonfiction. When we discuss travel writing, we need to create some background for better understanding. It does not involve writing about family vacations. It does not involve writing about places which you like most. It does not involve writing about your last […]