5G Technology Impact on Social Media

Social media has been changed a lot since its start till now. Social media is having its growth so fast then any other technology sector could ever have. It is changing and picking new skills constantly. In its start, social media was just a networking channel to get connected with friends or family or to just have fun. It allowed people to spend their free time by sharing stuff with their friends and in making new friends. Now social media is still an online platform but is grown up. It is now not just a place for connections but has joined mainstreams. Traditional media has got scared due to social media. Social media has taken the place of traditional media channel and not only this, it has gained the attention of almost all of the population of the entire world, and this all happened in just a decade. Social media is providing its services for almost free.

You don’t need to pay that much amount for reaching to a large audience that once you used to pay to traditional media channels. Hence it could be said that social media is not just a social place to get connected yet it has become a marketplace where you can buy and sell the products, do business, market your brand and connect to a large audience. You can now use social media platform by having increased customer databases and as well as increased sales.

Among all the social media channels, Facebook is the older and the giant one. It has almost more than 2 billion users and it is providing excellent features and functions to people all over the world. You can upload pictures, contents, stories, short and long videos and anything which you think would be beneficial in terms of advertising and gaining audience. You can gain a large number of customers too by marketing your brand by using social media platforms.

Instagram is a good choice when it is about visually capturing the interests of followers towards something that you are marketing. For Instagram marketing, buy Instagram followers. You can upload the good attractive images and stories to gain the attention of a huge audience. Twitter works well when it is about customers’ services and event management. Twitter has gained the involvement of a large audience in a very short time. Snapchat is the most famous among young generation as a picture, video sharing, and messaging platform.

Larger brands can easily market themselves using Snapchat among the social media platforms.

The researches which have been made so far have proved that more than half of the population when buying something new depending on the product recommendations and social media provide the feedback for a product to a large amount of audience, this is why social media is considered to be one of the most important marketing platforms in order to gain a large customer database. Social media is considered to be the fastest among all the channels of media

Once news or a message is on social media, it becomes viral just within hours. There is nothing to be bothered about; no demographics of readers, no dates for publications and nothing else like traditional media channels. That news reaches a huge audience and even the unintended one with an immediate effect.

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