Aliens Aren’t Green

Following theory is by NickX from United States

My theory is that if aliens are real they aren’t misshapen and green and pupil-less. There’s no evidence to support this popular depiction of aliens. I hypothesize that life would develop similarly on other planets as on ours, and that aliens who would visit our planet would look like humans, but maybe as different of a race as Latinos to Asians.


Rather than your statement saying “Aliens look like us” don’t you think it could be more possible to suppose that “We look like them”….how life and humans have come to exist on this planet is still one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of all.

Following theory is by Kim from United States


now this is more like it! finally a down to earth conversation about aliens. i am skeptical, but as i said on other comments open minded as well. this would explain why we see so many ufo sightings and no aliens. maybe because we dont recognize them. I’m sure if there were life beyond our world(likely) then they would look somewhat different than us. why r we the mold so to speak. maybe their ears are longer or their noses r shaped different or something weird like that, but those things would be easy to disguise. they could wear arab garb or something, but on the other hand, aliens amung us? naaaa…….more evidence needed…and dont spy on your neighbor dressing to prove it. thats no excuse to b a peeping tom, haha.

Following theory is by AlienGirl from United States


yeah who came up with aliens being slimy emaciated big-headed things? why couldn’t we have imagined them to be beautiful? why we gotta hate on everybody that ain’t like us? make em ugly n stuff? that ain’t right.

Following theory is by AlienGirl from United States


I also think that “aliens” are similar to us and probably have a similar evolutionary history.

Following theory is by Shane from United States


That’s actually what I’ve heard the soldiers at Roswell said about the aliens that crashed there. Can anyone substantiate this?

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