How Twitter is playing an important role in Charity

Charities are amazing. Non-profit organizations for the purpose of charity do a lot of wonderful work for the public. Now the question is, what is the role of social media particularly Twitter in charity?

Today Twitter is playing such an incredible role in showcasing some of these charities and help them to perform incredibly well. According to research by Visceral, there is a 193% increase in the Twitter followers of the top 100 famous charities account in just a year. The figure is impressive. Twitter helps the non-profit organizations to engage and connect with the existing and potential supporter at a very little cost or sometimes for free. In this way, they can manage their limited resources and still get connected with a great number of followers.

Charities can get a lot more benefits from using Twitter than just getting more number of followers. Through Twitter these non-profit organizations can get the following benefits:

  • The personification of the brand: your charity brand can be humanized or personified through the Twitter account. In this way, the relationship of your charity brand with the supporters can be strengthened, and it also helps in attracting new followers. The pictures and the 140 characters tweets can let your charity brand attract more supporters for the cause.
  • Encouragement through success stories: Twitter is the best platform to share your success stories of volunteer work and the results of the efforts of your organization with the public and the followers. In this way, they will get encouraged to support the charity work even more, and you can motivate more people to take part in charities by using Twitter.
  • Reaching Influencers: Through the influencers or the people like celebrities who have huge followership can also be used through Twitter to encourage more public to work for the charity who are generally out of your reach. Influencers can expand the reach and involve more public towards charity work by tweeting about the cause. This is the way through which awareness of the charity cause can be spread easily to the general public that is difficult to reach by a small charity organization. Also, there are some celebrities who like to promote some specific cause that is close to their heart; twitter is the best platform to know about their interest and target those influencers who can help the firms to get more sincere efforts through these celebrities or ambassadors.
  • Use of Hashtags: Twitter allows you to use the hashtag option that helps you to create more awareness about the cause. Through hashtags, events and campaigns are promoted easily among the general public, and it is the best way to track the conversations about the charity or the cause that has been shared. Through Twitter hashtags, relevant tweets can be searched, and the supporter of your cause can easily be tracked down who may want to help the organization by providing physical or financial help.
  • Communication with the community: The best role that Twitter is playing for the charity work is to provide the non-profit organizations a chance of getting involved with the public and have two-way communication with them. Two-way communication might not seem to boost the result on an instant basis, but it has a long-lasting effect, and it can help in future fundraising activities or donations.

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