Why people donate to charity more in 2018?

Charitable organizations are non-profit organizations which work for the welfare of people in society. These organizations provide assistance to people in need. They donate to people of different ages and genders based on their needs. Non-profit organizations serve poor people, children, orphans and unsupported women in society. Few entrepreneurs take a step to establish these non-profit organizations for serving humanity. Their main objective is to feel alive needy people of society.

Importance of charities

Poverty is a natural discretion which appears in every country. Steps are needed to be taken at a collective and individual level for poor and needy people. Government and individuals have to work for such people by providing resources to meet their needs. Charities are one of such great blessing which provides resources to meet their basic needs of food, shelter, health and education. They work with the cooperation of different people and groups in society such as volunteers, foundations, and government.

Reasons to donate

People give money to charities to donate to poor people. They help in emergency and disasters such as flood and earthquake. With the passage of time, people believe more to donate to charities. During 2018, the trend to donate to charities have raised. It is due to following reasons:

Awareness programs

In this modern era of technological advancement, people are more aware of the importance of charity. They know how they have to develop their society. These charities have held various programs for awareness of charity to people. In this way, people who have money to donate can easily serve other people who do not have resources.

Source to donate to people

Charities have provided source and means to donate to people. During the era of non-development of charities, people did not have means to give money to help others. But due to the development of non-profit organizations, people have means to donate to poor people. It is one of the main reasons of more donations in 2018.

Easy access to charities

People donate to charities easily in this era. They do not need to face complications in search of best charities to donate to. They can easily search best charities in the world for donating to needy people in society. Moreover, they can directly visit these organizations to check that either these are trustworthy or not. They can select the best organization by analyzing different factors of organizations such as financial and registration details.

Establishment of huge number of charities

A huge number of charities have established nowadays. These organizations differ in their aim to provide benefits to poor and needy people. Some organizations serve children while others serve old people. Some of the organizations aim to reduce hunger while other focus on reducing poverty. So they differ in their goals. It is one of the reasons to increase the donation to charities in 2018.

So these are reasons for which people donate more to charities during this year. We should help poor and needy people by donating to best charities.

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